Vibrant Natural Images

Your Wedding day will be once in a lifetime! You need awesome photos that reflect just how amazing your day was & bring your memories to life.

Of course I am going to say this, but… The style & choice of photographer is one of the most important decisions you will make. You will be spending more time with them than some family on the day & need to feel a connection. You also deserve a photographer who cares, takes pride in their approach & realises the importance of the occasion. Who won’t impose their ideas on how Wedding day should be.

The key thing for me is that you enjoy your day. I do not dictate what I think should happen, let the day unfold & I fit in around you. Lets be honest, you really want to spend as much time with your guests as you can so I will not take you away for hours at a time. No cheesy poses are set up. I do however organise a pre agreed (small) number of group shots. I never shout or order people around but with the help of a designated guest/s! aim for these to take as little time as possible.

I aim to catch real moments between you, your guests & family. As well some pretty cool portraits of everyone. I will always be calm, unobtrusive & watching out for details, jazzy shoes, you fiddling with your new Wedding band, the sunlight through the trees. Fleeting moments & little things that will bring memories flooding back.

Couples shots, (a relaxed walk, away from the rest of your guests)! are usually split into several short sessions throughout the day, your guests won’t notice you’ve taken time out & we make use of the changing light for a varied feel to your portraits.

I’ll be with you from the morning’s build up all the way through to the dance floor action in the evening. Finding out as much information as possible before the day, tailoring my approach & timings ensuring the day itself flows as you envisage & is not a day long photo shoot. I want you to have the BEST time!

A pre Wedding shoot is included in my package to help you feel as comfortable & relaxed as possible (which makes for the best pictures)!

Have a look at my blog & galleries to see how I have documented previous Weddings. If you like what you see, lets meet & I’ll bring more to show you! It’s important to me that the whole experience of planning is easy & enjoyable.

Feel free to call any time to talk through your plans & ideas. I would love to meet you both in person, over the phone or via Skype for you to see if you’d like to spend the most special day of your life so far with me!

Contact me to request a brochure – explaining a bit more about the process, from how to book, the run up to the Wedding & what happens on the big day!

+44 (0)7968 752866


“Photography takes an instant out of time, altering life by holding it still” – Dorothea Lange