Becka & Rob’s pre Wedding shoot was booked in mid summer, mid week and during the school summer holidays. Their preferred location was a VERY popular Derbyshire beauty spot. I knew whatever time of day we met, at that time of year the whole valley and tor would be packed with walkers and sightseers, not really the ideal situation to help them relax in front of the camera.
      I am so so so pleased I suggested a sunrise engagement shoot and that Becka and Rob totally embraced it. (also that we were blessed with great weather and a stunning sunrise). What a beautiful experience to share. I cannot wait for your Wedding at the West Mill later this year.

      So on the first morning in August I woke up early…. very early…. My alarm was set for 3.15am to drive to meet Becka, Rob and Becka’s cool purple mini. We surprised two early morning runners and a few sheep but otherwise Thorpe Cloud was deserted. Which was fantastic as there isn’t much room when you get to the top! (blimey it’s a steep treck getting up there too).
      Becka and Rob thank you for meeting me ridiculously early in the middle of nowhere and trusting that it would be worth it. I will definitely be setting the alarm early again soon.

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      Your pre Wedding shoot can be whatever you decide, suggest anywhere, especially somewhere special to you both and I will do my best. I will be so excited to be involved and suggest all I can to make your experience in planning and your day itself as special as it should be. I’ll happily set the alarm for another sunrise shoot.


      Creative Wedding Photographer // Covering Derby, Derbyshire and The East Midlands // Relaxed, Documentary, Stylish, Contemporary, Photography also in Nottinghamshire, Leicestershire, Staffordshire, Warwickshire, Birmingham the West Midlands and the UK. 

      "You’ve been absolutely wonderful through out and for camera shy awkward people you made us feel at ease!"

      "Jenny, you felt a part of our family during our Wedding day".

      "Jenny works very much in the moment, you don't even know she has captured you before she whisks away to another angle elsewhere".

      "You have an amazing ability to connect with people, you made us both feel so at ease & nothing was too much to ask".