Stacey & Andy are made for each other, they have a certain energy, you can’t help but smile being around them, together they can achieve anything!! After our initial meeting I knew their Wedding was going to be a cracker – they were so upbeat & enthusiastic, up for any thing – even a pre Wedding shoot in a car park…. (watch out for a separate post with their E-shoot)

      It’s always nice to be recommended & so when I heard a family friend who is a registrar had recommended me to Stacey & Andy I was especially chuffed!
      In contrast to the car park…. Stacey & Andy were married at St. Edmunds Church, Allestree & held their reception at Dovecliff Hall Hotel, Stretton in October.

      Everything had been carefully & strategically organised on spreadsheets by Stacey..! All of the stationary, table plan, name places etc. had been designed & created by Andy & Stacey’s Mum made the cake!!
      The day started off a slightly chilly, foggy & damp, but spirits were high & all was magically calm in the Henshaw household.
      Andy drove his Dad’s vintage FERARRI!!! to the church, a little drizzle as we left church didn’t affect the confetti BUT the ferrari had NEVER been out in the rain….!!! 

      Dovecliff Hall feels like family home, (albeit a a very grand one) comfortable & welcoming, the staff are great. The day just flowed, it was a pleasure & an honour to photograph!

      Dovecliff-Hall-Wedding-001 Dovecliff-Hall-Wedding-002 Dovecliff-Hall-Wedding-003 Dovecliff-Hall-Wedding-005 Dovecliff-Hall-Wedding-006 Dovecliff-Hall-Wedding-007 Dovecliff-Hall-Wedding-008 Dovecliff-Hall-Wedding-071 Dovecliff-Hall-Wedding-011 Dovecliff-Hall-Wedding-012 Dovecliff-Hall-Wedding-014 Getting Ready Dovecliff-Hall-Wedding-016 Dovecliff-Hall-Wedding-017 Getting Ready Dovecliff-Hall-Wedding-019 Dovecliff-Hall-Wedding-072 Dovecliff-Hall-Wedding-020 Dovecliff-Hall-Wedding-021 Dovecliff-Hall-Wedding-022 Dovecliff-Hall-Wedding-073 Dovecliff-Hall-Wedding-023 Dovecliff-Hall-Wedding-024 Dovecliff-Hall-Wedding-074 Dovecliff-Hall-Wedding-025 Dovecliff-Hall-Wedding-026 Dovecliff-Hall-Wedding-027 Dovecliff-Hall-Wedding-028 Dovecliff-Hall-Wedding-029 Dovecliff-Hall-Wedding-030 Dovecliff-Hall-Wedding-031 Dovecliff-Hall-Wedding-032 Dovecliff-Hall-Wedding-033 Dovecliff-Hall-Wedding-034 Dovecliff-Hall-Wedding-036 Dovecliff-Hall-Wedding-075 Dovecliff-Hall-Wedding-037 Dovecliff-Hall-Wedding-038 Dovecliff-Hall-Wedding-039 Dovecliff-Hall-Wedding-076 Dovecliff-Hall-Wedding-041 Dovecliff-Hall-Wedding-078 Dovecliff-Hall-Wedding-044 Dovecliff-Hall-Wedding-047 Dovecliff-Hall-Wedding-046Dovecliff-Hall-Wedding-048 Dovecliff-Hall-Wedding-049 Dovecliff-Hall-Wedding-050 Dovecliff-Hall-Wedding-051 Dovecliff-Hall-Wedding-052 Dovecliff-Hall-Wedding-053 Dovecliff-Hall-Wedding-054 Dovecliff-Hall-Wedding-056 Dovecliff-Hall-Wedding-061 Dovecliff-Hall-Wedding-079 Dovecliff-Hall-Wedding-058 Dovecliff-Hall-Wedding-059 Dovecliff-Hall-Wedding-060 Dovecliff-Hall-Wedding-062 Dovecliff-Hall-Wedding-063 Dovecliff-Hall-Wedding-065 Dovecliff-Hall-Wedding-066 Dovecliff-Hall-Wedding-067 Dovecliff-Hall-Wedding-068 Dovecliff-Hall-Wedding-069




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