Nottingham Contemporary Micro Wedding Photographer

16th January 2023

2023 marks my 11th year providing bespoke photography for unique Weddings. Alex and Nelson’s beautiful, intimate and personal Wedding day at The Nottingham Contemporary Art Gallery will always be a favourite I look back on. Back before Micro Weddings were a “thing” A+N held a small, close family only ceremony and meal at The Lace Market Hotel. Followed by a larger gathering of friends and family at The Nottingham Contemporary Gallery later in the day. Nottingham Contemporary Micro Wedding Photographer.

Micro Wedding Nottingham

This day felt so special and important to be a part of. The responsibility and level of trust given increased in direct correlation to the smaller number of guests. I was honoured to capture the bond between A+N and everyone present. Whilst trying to be discreet and not take up any space in the tiny ceremony room! Alex LOVED the old bricks of the Lace Market, so we went for a short wander in the rain for a few cute couples photos.

New Website

Over recent years I’ve been too busy (or complacent) and not updated my website or blog with the many, many couples and Weddings that I’ve loved to shoot. I had hoped to give the site a new lease of life during the enforced break of covid. But found I just did not have the headspace. With home schooling it was a case of just getting through. Then the past two years of catching up has been relentless.

Importance of connection

So here we are three years later (ish) my new site is very nearly up and running 100%. I think there will always be more tweaks and additions but I’m really happy with how it’s looking. I’m a firm believer in putting out there what you’d like to attract. So will be adding more favourite Weddings. Where I really connected with the couple (and their families) to the blog and will be updating galleries and testimonials more regularly too. Thank you so much to Alex and Nelson for putting your trust in me to capture such a special, emotional day that I will always remember.


The select group of suppliers involved in this special day were:

Nottingham Contemporary Art Gallery // Lace Market Hotel // Ali Gunn // Floral Deco Wedding Flowers  // Tracey Slack // Whistles

If you are thinking of organising a smaller more intimate day get in touch to enquire about my Micro Wedding and Elopement bespoke coverage to find out how I can help. I would also LOVE to shoot a Peak District elopement, epic scenery! Hit me up of you plan to elope!! or need a Nottingham Contemporary Micro Wedding Photographer in Nottingham, Derbyshire the East Midlands.