Peak District DIY Barn Wedding Photographer

13th July 2022

How lovely is this Peak district DIY Barn Wedding. A multi day, dry hire, celebrant lead celebration. Family and guests camped in the beautiful Derbyshire countryside, outside Bakewell. One of my favourite locations as a Peak District DIY Barn Wedding Photographer.

Celebrant Ceremony

The planning and family support put into this day was immense. The venue was a dream and looked amazing. Add to that, on point styling, choice of food and band. The day was a joy to photograph.

Everything including the flowers were sourced and hand crafted by the bride, groom and their families. All stayed on site in the run up to the day. Each member had their own part to play, making the celebrations even more meaningful. Elodie’s sister did hair and make up. The AMAZING cake was made by a family friend!!

Totally DIY day – Dry Hire Venue

Elodie and Matt were legally married before this day and hired a celebrant to lead the non traditional ceremony in the beautiful old barn under twinkling festoon lights. Food was a buffet style, huge paella’s and a hog roast. Desert were the special doughnuts from a particular bakery that Elodie’s late Grandad brought to every family visit. Both families were incredibly close. It was such a privilege to be the one to shoot the emotion at this special Wedding.

Meaningful food and festoon lights

The band was fantastic, so cool! Happy to play games with the kids as they were setting up. The dance floor was amazing, the tracks played were amazing and I’ve never seen a band before or since interact with the crowd in quite the same way to get everyone involved and twisting the night away.

Number 1 album band

This booking came about in the most serendipitous way and I felt I was always meant to be there. I met a lovely lady at an event at my son’s preschool, we got chatting, she was so positive, supportive and interested in my new journey setting up as a photographer. I took some unplanned photos. Sending her a cute one of her daughter. Fast forward 6+ years and I was booked to photograph the Wedding of her niece. I can honestly say it was one of THE most enjoyable and memorable day’s of my whole 10 years so far.

I belive in karma

“We love our photos. Thank you so much for making our special day so perfect. It was the best day of our lives. You are a truly talented lady. Thank you again”.

This Wedding really brought such joy and I would love to photograph more DIY Barn Weddings like this one, so if you are planning, please do get in touch Peak District DIY Barn Wedding Photographer.

The band were The Lottery Winners and are currently on tour doing pretty amazingly right now!