Why do we need a Pre Wedding Shoot

28th February 2024
Ease the fear of the unknown – Let go of the perfect – Embrace the imperfect

Why do we need a Pre Wedding Shoot? Concerned your Wedding photos may not compare to your filtered, posed, edited selfies? The weather was so terrible during a recent shoot. My couple were shocked I managed to capture anything, let alone images they were so happy with. We’d each travelled a long way, into Derbyshire, The Peak District to the location of their engagement. We chose to still go ahead to make the best of it, but, it was pretty much an endurance test.

Here’s the biggie. Catching up at our final meeting before the wedding. The bride said it was the best thing that could have happened. It taught her to let go, and know, that whatever happens the photos of the Wedding will be amazing. Never having commissioned a photographer before, not being able to control how she would look in the photos was her one concern, that, and the weather. Now, they are relaxed, excited and really looking forward to their Wedding. So pleased to have booked a shoot.

My style

My style of photography is narrative, storytelling / reportage. Photographing moments as they happen, we’ll walk, chat and I’ll ask you to stop if the light is right. I may direct you everso slightly. But, I WILL NOT ask you to kiss, put your heads together, tickle each other, you get the idea!! The key for me is to create natural images that reflect you both as a couple, that you are happy with. Book in for a shoot to see how I capture the feeling of a moment.

Pause the planning – mark the moment

Another reason is to make this a special experience for you both. Use your images for Save the Date cards or to illustrate your table numbers. But most importantly make this time part of your story.

Beyond the practical benefits, a pre-wedding shoot is an opportunity for you to create beautiful and meaningful memories. The photos captured during this session become cherished mementos that reflect your love and excitement leading up to your wedding day. It really is a special time to stop and reflect on your journey so far. Believe me, you will look back at this time so fondly when the rush of life takes over.

From a photographers perspective, sessions allow me to learn couples personalities, preferences and unique dynamics. This knowledge becomes invaluable for catching genuine and meaningful moments during your wedding. Learning about you as a couple and understanding your comfort zones creates a tailored experience. Adding to your story. It also gives you a comfortable shorthand with me and a feeling of ease and confidence on your Wedding day.

I’ll be with you for all the big and small moments throughout your Wedding day. Helping you to feel relaxed in the run up to the day is the biggest gift.


You could choose somewhere meaningful to you both, where you became engaged, a favourite walk, your first date spot, potentially somewhere that contrasts your venue. I can suggest a few tried and tested, relaxed locations within a 30 min drive from me. Ideally we’ll meet for sunrise / sunset to make the most of the light.


Wear something comfortable that you feel confident in. Shoes that are easy to walk in! Clothes that compliment each other, nothing too bright, or branded! Leave your bags in the car, no bulky keys/phones in tight pockets. You could could also get your make-up trial done on the day. How you look in the mirror or in your own selfies and the look of the final photographs look will be different. Being happy with how you look in these photographs will give you confidence beforehand and on the day, the ability to fully relax and enjoy everything you have planned.


Print images as gifts for each other or family, use them for invitations or save the date cards, signing frames, table plans and decor. You’ll receive an online gallery to download HI RES images = print your own. Or order printed products from my recommended suppliers through your gallery.

I organise shoots between November and April. A weekday sunset/sunrise shoot costs £400. I may have limited weekend dates or the option to travel slightly further available, message me to check pricing.